19 May 2011

Show Photos

If you missed the exhibition opening in New York, don't dispair, you can see some photos from the opening night HERE. I'll also be at the gallery from 1-6 this saturday and sunday if you'd like to drop in and say hi.


Juliet said...

if only i lived in NYC, i totally would!

Accidental Londoner said...

I echo what Juliet says!

Ryn Weisz said...

hey James..congrats on the gallery - the photos look awesome! all the best!

Ryn Weisz

neryl said...

Hey James,

Love it. Do you have any paintings or 3D house sculptures left from this show? If so, which ones are available and how much?


Rommel Peter Fernandes said...

You are talented, James. Keep it up!
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